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Welcome to Oban Sea Fishing.

Oberon and Obanseafishing are at this time operating out of Cullivoe in Shetland and will be during 2012. You can find out more details about the fantastic fishing in the northern Isles by visiting www.deepsea.co.uk/oberon.

If you would like to catch the fish of a life time, join us for a day aboard OBERON.

From our home base at Dunstaffnage marina you have easy access to many excellent fishing areas and the west coast of Scotland.

You can catch the Pollack and wrasse that inhabit the inshore reefs to the Giant Skate that hunt the hunt the deep waters around the isle of Mull.

Many excellent fishing marks are located around the many islands where you can catch numerous species which include Ling, Conger, Spurdog, Dogfish, Pollack, Coalfish, Cod, Whiting, Pout, Haddock, flatfish and various rays at different times of the year.


In our last season fishing for skate we landed and returned over 150 skate that broke the 100 lbs barrier the best skate was 220 lbs on the scales with many fish over 150 lbs. You will be fishing in depths of around 450 feet and will be provided with equipment that will help you land the Giant skate, your fish will be weighed photographed and returned safely to the depths. It can sometimes take up to an hour to bring a large skate to the boat but you will enjoy the struggle.


The skate fishing is good all year round and is not affected by climatic change due to the depth of the water, the summer months are better for the variety and number of different species that can be caught. Pollack can be taken through to January with some of the biggest fish taken in December.



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